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7.5% Play in College 

Your Odds Go Up With CBA!
Image by Tim Gouw


With over 30 years as a college coach, Wayne Mazzoni leads College Baseball Advisors.


CBA places over 40-50 players per year with all levels of college baseball.


In additional to college coaching experience, we have published 3 recruiting books and lead seminars at over 500 high schools.


Work one-on-one with a College Baseball Advisor to find the best path to your college baseball career.

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Coach Wayne Mazzoni


At College Baseball Advisors, we are passionate about helping high school baseball players achieve their dreams of joining the 7% each year that will move on to play in college. Our team of experienced advisors works closely with each player and their family to develop a customized plan that maximizes their chances of being recruited by top colleges and universities. With a proven track record of success, we are dedicated to providing the support and guidance necessary to help our clients reach their full potential.

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