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  • Meet via Zoom or in person for a review of your skills, academics, and college preferences.

  • Use the meeting to determine if both sides feel the relationship will be productive and beneficial.

  • We will provide feedback as to what college level, if any, appears to be a fit in addition to providing a development plan.

  • We will provide an initial target list of schools based off our experience.  You will add additional schools to the list and remove any that don’t fit. 


  • A plan is put into place to connect you to the schools on your list.

  • We will communicate via phone, text, monthly zoom check-ins and through the CoachNow app.

  • Our staff, using years of relationship building, will systematically introduce you to the coaches on your list.

  • Through live evaluations, camps, video, and social media you will be evaluated by college coaches and given feedback on your performance and their interest.

  • If coaches are interested, we move to Step 3.  If they are interested but want more development, we keep working.  If all the schools on your list are not interested we adjust the list. 


  • As recruiting and communication with coaches heats up we cover how to handle the process including calls with coaches, visits to campus, and how to evaluate college programs.

  • We work through NCAA Eligibility, transcript and pre-reads, admissions, financial aid, scholarships, and any other detail as it relates to your commitment.

  • We create a post commitment plan to set yourself up for the best possible position when entering college. 

Image by Gary Shear


Cement Wall


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