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D1 college coach: 5 recruiting tips for parents

This is a letter to all baseball parents (or parents of any high school athlete) about the recruiting process.

I might be as uniquely suited to write this story as anyone, as I was a recruit (way) back in the day, have been coaching/recruiting since 1992, have a high school-age baseball-playing son, and I’ve written a book on recruiting and lectured at roughly 500 high schools on the process.

With all of that experience and background I can tell you this: The process will confuse the life out of you. It is most definitely an art, not a science. And thus I am writing this story to hopefully shed some light to the parents out there.

Here is my first piece of advice: Breathe. In and out. Repeat. It will all work out in the end.  Your son may not play at Vanderbilt and may, in fact, not even play baseball in college, but it will all work out.

Parents can be helpful with the recruiting process if they share the right advice. (Kyle Prudhomme)



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