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Lessons of Scribner

His college pitching coach details what propelled Troy Scribner from an undrafted pitcher out of Sacred Heart into a big-leaguer

If I listed all the odds one has to overcome to go from high school to Division 1 college ball to the minor leagues as an undrafted free agent and then to the big leagues, your head would hurt. But that’s exactly what Troy Scribner has done.

I had the great pleasure of coaching Troy Scribner at Sacred Heart University. In short, Troy was the best pitcher and person I’ve ever coached. His rise from undrafted free agent to his recent MLB debut with the Los Angeles Angels (picking up the win July 29) is a lesson for all who hope and dream of a career in baseball.

A native of Washington Depot, Conn., Troy was blessed with one thing no pitcher can control: great parents. Dad and Mom are both great baseball people, but also wonderful parents. They raised three boys (brother Evan has been in the bigs since 2011) with plenty of encouragement but no coddling.



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