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Mazzoni: What college coaches want in hitting recruits

While I’m first and foremost a pitching coach, I have been working with, studying, coaching, scouting, and recruiting hitters my entire adult life.

While each college coach has his own style of the type of player and hitter he is looking for, most of us fall into the following recruiting style:

We are looking for guys who can get themselves to second base.

One way to do this is to be able to bunt, take pitches, work the count, get hit, take your walks, be tough to strike out, and generally be able to run well. So you may not be cranking out the extra-base hits, but you are a spark plug. You likely will hit at the top or bottom of the order and you bring energy to the game. You hustle at all times and most of your doubles will be balls down the line or in the gap, where your hustle takes advantage of lazy outfielders.



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