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Duke and Penn State Recruiting

This past weekend I was invited to speak at the ​World Baseball Coaches Convention​.

This is a great event with coaches from college and pro baseball.

One one of my presentations I was joined by Ty Blankmeyer, assistant coach and recruiting coordinator at Duke University and Nick Puccio, assistant coach and recruiting coordinator at Penn State University.

While we covered many topics and also took lots of questions from the crowd there were a few take aways that are worth passing on.

  • Camps directly on college campuses, run by the programs coaches, are a huge way they find players. While you might be skeptical that these camps are a "money grab" the reality is that often times this is the only way coaches can recruit. In the winter, coaches, by rule, can only recruit at their own camps. And since tryouts or free workouts are not allowed, camps are the best/only way to get to see players.

  • A trusted reference can open the door to getting a player on the coaches radar. How many kids would like to be recruited by Duke and Penn State? Hundreds of thousand. So how do they know who is worth going after, they talk to people they trust. I coached 30 years and I did the same, now I am a recruiting coach and I get kids recruited through connections and trust.

  • Video is key, if done the right way. 2 minutes max, some close up bp, ground or fly balls, bullpen pitches, ideally with metrics. Then 1 minute of as close as you can get game swings, defense plays, and pitches. You can put this video Twitter and pin it so it stays there for new coaches to see.

If you are interest in learning more about what I do with high school players and their recruiting fill out either this ​contact form on my website​ or see if a slot on my schedule to do a ​zoom call​ works.


Coach Wayne Mazzoni



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